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Learning The Verity (Update Chp 1-6) - Shibuya Yuuri's community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Learning The Verity (Update Chp 1-6) [Dec. 4th, 2009|12:35 pm]
Shibuya Yuuri 's Fan Community


Title: Learning The Verity
I don't own KYOU KARA MAOU.
Author: Pink Piano
T (It may or may not go up in the future)
Pairing: Both of Yuuram & Wolfyuu (because it's more realistic X3)
Genre: A mix of Romance/Angst/Adventure/Drama/Humour/Suspense/Mystery
Did Wolfram really love Yuuri like he always said? Yuuri fell into confusion as he learned the truth about Wolfram, and also, about someone behind the disaster which endangered his kingdom and his own life.

Read Here:

(#1 Truth: The Cute Eavesdropper's Revelation)
(#2 Truth: The Reason To Protect Someone)
(#3 Truth: The Vain Effort Of A King)
(#4 Truth: The Invitation From One Possible Ally)
(#5 Truth: The Mysterious Castle In Vescavia)
(#6 Truth: The Secrets Behind The Wall) New!

Please spare your time to read and give feedbacks ^__^

~Pink Piano