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Once Upon A Star (A Kyou Kara Maou Christmas One-Shot) - Shibuya Yuuri's community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Once Upon A Star (A Kyou Kara Maou Christmas One-Shot) [Dec. 24th, 2009|08:50 pm]
Shibuya Yuuri 's Fan Community



Once Upon A Star
I don't own KYOU KARA MAOU.
Author: Pink Piano
T for safety
Pairing: Various pairings, mainly yuuram/wolfyuu, but there are also other pairings. Even Shinou is in! You should find out about the other pairings by reading this story ;D
Genre: Humor/Romance also there’s a touch of Family/Friendship
Murata tells a legend about Christmas: The Wishing Christmas Tree Star! Now Yuuri, Wolfram, Conrart, Gwendal, Gunter, Anissina and Josak, compete to be the first one to get the star. What would their wishes be? And would everything be alright? (Various pairings, even Shinou is in!)

Read Here:

Once Upon A Star

Tonight is Christmas Eve, while this story is about Christmas Eve... So this is my Christmas present for all of you. I hope you’ll like it~ X3

~Pink Piano