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[Fanfiction] The Touch Of Butterflies - Shibuya Yuuri's community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Fanfiction] The Touch Of Butterflies [Sep. 21st, 2010|11:50 pm]
Shibuya Yuuri 's Fan Community


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Title: The Touch of Butterflies
Author: nherizu  (previously known as Pink Piano on FFnet)
Pairing: Conrart x Yuuri - with hints of Yuuri x Wolfram x Yuuri
This title contains three separate ficlets, each could stand alone, only one thing that connects them all. Butterflies. daicheto asked me to write a conyuu with prompt: butterflies ^^
The first one will be romance/family. The second one will be angst/hurt/comfort. And the third one will be humour/family.
Conrart has somekind of connections with butterflies. His life and feelings are surprisingly close to the fragile insects. His desire, his agonies, even his privilege as the Maou's godfather are all about butterflies. - Conyuu & WolfYuuram -
You should at least know the episode where Elizabeth came to challenge Yuuri and when Conrart became Lanzhil's subject and fought Yuuri.

Read on FFnet:
(The Touch of Butterflies)
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(The Touch of Butterflies)

Please spare your time to read and review ^^