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Basically the rules are simple: your posts must be about Yuuri.
Let's chat about him, writing what we think of his relationships, and so on.
Discussions are highly appreciated.
Fanfictions are welcome, as long as Yuuri is one of the maincharacters.
Every pairing that includes Yuuri is more than welcome.
No bashing other people (of course you won't^^)
No bashing any other KKM character.
Any post longer than 6 lines should be put under cut. This includes fanarts, and if you made a big number of icons, make sure you cut them^_^
For fanfictions, a cut is essential. Just put the title, pairing, rating and genre only outside of it, OK? But I think FF writers already know how to post their lovely works.
Sharing is always gladly accepted and allowed. However, since KKM is licensed in some places, if you share episodes or songs, please flock the entry. This is also done to prevent overuse of bandwith.
Please cut any post that has adult content in it.
F-lock can be used also in other posts. It's up to your judgement^^
A little off topic and chat (especially when replying on comments) is of course allowed, just be sure to bring the discussion to some other place if it becomes too long.
Comments on entries are loved. We like all the same thing; it's good to have a little talk about it, nè?^^
Please know that the main language here is English. We understand if English is your second language, but please. No SMS language, no AOL slangs, no I337 language, and absolutely no typing LiKe ThiZ
In order to avoid f-list flooding, we ask that our members will cross-post with discretion. We love reading every post! So we ask that if you cross-post between the comms, please wait one or two days before posting the same thing on another KKM community, or wait to have your work complete before posting it here. In this way, you can spread your work and avoid f-list flooding.
Doujinshi sharing should be always locked. If you have a dj that you want to share, we encourage you to lock those posts and keep track of the downloads. We don't really like leechers.^_^
The mantainers of this community like to translate dramas, novels, and so on, and post their translation here. Those too will be locked and are not to be shared in any other place without permission, please.^^
Tags please for fanfiction, fan art and essays! This helps a lot when sorting through the community!
I'm _miyuchan_, the owner and one of the maitainers of the community.
For questions, reclaims, suggestions, ideas, or if you need any help, feel free to email me or the other mods, or leave messages in one of the three mantainer's livejournals.
_miyuchan_ - Feel free to email me at: marumalove@gmail.com
crystaltear - Feel free to email at crystaltear@livejournal.com
nekokatechan - Feel free to also mail me at: flower_of_happiness@hotmail.com
zipis1 - For any questions, concerns, suggestions, or whatever, you can also e-mail me at zipis1@gawab.com

What else we can say? Have fun!!!